1.       If he doesn't wear deodorant

2.      Takes selfies (more than a normal amount)

3.       Orders an ice cream cone with sprinkles…sorry. So little boyish

4.       Was ever involved in a gang

5.       Listens to Jack Johnson

6.       If he asks you out on Facebook

7.       Wears short shorts (never really a need for that)

8.       Goes shirtless anywhere but the beach, near the beach, or when working outdoors

9.       If he straightens his hair regularly 

10.   Doesn't order food when he offers to take you out for food. Like what’s your deal dude.

11.   If he brings up what he got on his SATs, without an appropriate segway to this topic in the conversation.

12.   If he has any interest what so ever in segways

13.   Drives recklessly

14.   Acts into every other attractive girl before you

15.   Never laughs or nervous laugher

16.   Pokes you on Facebook (worst)

17.   Comments on how much you eat

18.   Gossips. Save it for the ladies please.

19.   Wears a fedora

20.   Owns anything Gucci



Shaggy Sweaters



High tops

Harem Pants

1. Ashton Kutcher. I felt like I was watching a slightly more mature version of Ashton in That 70's     show.
2. How they portrayed Job's as a jerk throughout the entire film. He was a perfectionist who made a perfect product. Without his demanding ways, nothing he created would be worth making a movie   about. 
3. The length of the movie. Way too drawn out for my liking.
4. How it tried to be as interesting and quick witted as the Social Networking but totally failed in doing so.
5. Lastly the way Ashton Kutcher walked like Steve Jobs. A little over-acted in my opinion.