1.         When my dog pulled me across a neighbors lawn to get to another dog. I kid you not. I think I ate some grass on my way through their front yard all the way up to the dog owners feet. I had to pop up and act like I was totally fine. I tugged my dog close and walked home, cursing him under my breath the whole way.

2.         An employee at my school approached me while doing school work at a table in the cafeteria. He assumed I was someone he had spoken to before and asked about a paper “I”(someone else) was previously working on. I awkwardly said, “ah haha good!” and looked away. He then said, “yeah it seemed really interesting!” I realized I was already in too deep and instead of explaining he had the wrong person, I rolled my eyes and said “Oh yeah!”
I hope the person he spoke with was the eye rolling type.

3.       I used to work as a hostess at a chain restaurant called Quaker Steak and Lube. When people entered I would have to say “Hi, welcome to the Lube!”—I hated saying it, but that’s beside the point. One day a maintenance man came to work on the sign outside. He must have come in and out about 4 times that day and every time I would say “Hi welcome to the Lube” like it was his first time. Eventually he looked at me and said, "Still just the maintenance guy”. Feeling foolish, I said "Ah you get me every time!" as if he was sneaking in or something...but I really just never remembered what he looked like. 

4.      One day my friend and I wanted Dunkin Donuts. We pulled into a front parking space and saw a group of people we didn't want to talk to, sitting in front of the large window. Within seconds we backed up the car and zoomed over the curb to the next shopping plaza and exited. We felt like we dodged a bullet by not talking to them but they could see our whole escape plan and probably knocked us down a few cool points after that.

5.         I am the most awkward person getting a massage. First off I don’t like people touching me, so I go to slowly get over that haha! Last time I went, I was asked to go down in a creepy basement and get a full body massage, chickening out of that I asked to stay upstairs and just get a chair massage. She agreed and set up the chair in the front of the store, which was made up of all glass windows on a busy street. The last 5 minutes of a 15 minute session was the masseuse grabbing my forehead and pushing my head back to “work stiffness out neck” as she put it.  Being a control freak I was resisting, in addition to it not feeling the best and having a painful/confused look on my face, my guess is it was a big turn off to those walking down the street. 

1.       If he doesn't wear deodorant

2.      Takes selfies (more than a normal amount)

3.       Orders an ice cream cone with sprinkles…sorry. So little boyish

4.       Was ever involved in a gang

5.       Listens to Jack Johnson

6.       If he asks you out on Facebook

7.       Wears short shorts (never really a need for that)

8.       Goes shirtless anywhere but the beach, near the beach, or when working outdoors

9.       If he straightens his hair regularly 

10.   Doesn't order food when he offers to take you out for food. Like what’s your deal dude.

11.   If he brings up what he got on his SATs, without an appropriate segway to this topic in the conversation.

12.   If he has any interest what so ever in segways

13.   Drives recklessly

14.   Acts into every other attractive girl before you

15.   Never laughs or nervous laugher

16.   Pokes you on Facebook (worst)

17.   Comments on how much you eat

18.   Gossips. Save it for the ladies please.

19.   Wears a fedora

20.   Owns anything Gucci



Shaggy Sweaters



High tops

Harem Pants

1. Ashton Kutcher. I felt like I was watching a slightly more mature version of Ashton in That 70's     show.
2. How they portrayed Job's as a jerk throughout the entire film. He was a perfectionist who made a perfect product. Without his demanding ways, nothing he created would be worth making a movie   about. 
3. The length of the movie. Way too drawn out for my liking.
4. How it tried to be as interesting and quick witted as the Social Networking but totally failed in doing so.
5. Lastly the way Ashton Kutcher walked like Steve Jobs. A little over-acted in my opinion.